Sunday, January 25, 2015

Because I Believe in Procrastination // What I've Been Reading

Hi, hello!  I hope you're enjoying your Sunday.  I don't know what it is about Sunday afternoons, but I've come to really love them.  Actually, I think I do know what it is - it probably has something to do with the fact that they're largely spent under piles of blankets, reading a book with a mug of hot water in hand.  You feel me?  I want you to love Sundays, too, but I can't give you free books over the internet. Sorry.  Don't leave, though - what about the next best thing?  Here's my reading list from the past couple of weeks.  I've come across some great words from people who think and write in a way that makes me happy (and humble) to be a blogger.

One Thing All Christians Should Stop Saying }

P.S.  I found out about Marfa via the Skimm.  If you're not signed up, I highly recommend it! 

{ I am Charlie, I am Ahmed, and I am Millions of Muslim Women }

P.S. Not ready to stop reading yet? Click here, here, and here.

Friday, January 23, 2015

I Miss You! Can We Talk? // What's On My Mind

Hey, guys!  I feel like it's been a while. I've missed you! Did you do something different with your hair? Your face? No? Okay, I guess it hasn't actually been that long.

In this blog and in real life, I tend to try to stay away from talking about personal stuff.  It's just never been something that's easy for me at all; I think that I either have some kind of weird, deep-seeded trust issues, or I'm genuinely allergic to serious conversations.  (Because, look, here I go making jokes while I'm supposed to be serious.  I'm sorry.)  I mean, I'm not a psychiatrist or anything, but I feel like those are definite possibilities.  (In other news, I like oxymorons and apparently I'm full-blown addicted to parenthesis.)  I've got a couple friends who know quite a bit and my mom knows me inside and out, but other than that, I keep a lot to myself.  I don't mind it, usually; in fact, I prefer it.  I process things internally - usually if I put enough miles on my shoes or ink in my notebook, I can either find a solution for a tough situation or come to peace with it, whichever the case may be.  I know what works for me.

And then, this. I've been following Whitney's blog ever since I decided that I was into that sort of thing, and I've always appreciated how open she is about just about everything.  I mean, I'm sure there's stuff that she keeps to herself and that you don't know her whole entire life from clicking on that time-sucking "previous posts" button over and over again for eternity (not like I would know), but she's a whole heck of a lot more open than I am.  She talks about her relationships and stuff she struggles with, and she does it well.  Her most recent post, (here, in case you missed it the first time) is her heart poured out about her new boyfriend and huge life changes, and I have to admit that it made me a tiny bit jealous.  Maybe I want to tell you all about the stuff that's going on with me, too! 

So, here goes.  Whitney, thanks a lot for this and you should probably go into sales or hypnosis or something because look at you making me do something that I'm not sure I want to without even trying.  Without further ado or, really, my informed consent, what's been on my mind lately. 

// How proud I am of my little sister. I feel like such an old person saying this, but she has grown up so, so much lately.  It makes me cry a little, but in a good way.  Like, tears of "wow, my little sister is growing up and I love the person she is."  She's so mature about staying out of those stupid, dramatic middle school situations that twelve year old girls sometimes find themselves in.  She's found this crazy self-discipline that she probably didn't even know she had in her - she's learning to limit her own TV time and taking care of herself, and it's really cool.  S'proud.

// Maroon 5 concert. I'm headed there in juuuust under two months, and I am beyond excited!  I can't wait to wear a cool concert outfit and belt every single song.  That is all.

// Huge life decisions.  As in, I just got offered a job at the camp that I've loved since I first stayed there in middle school.  I have the chance to work there all summer, getting to know kids and working with other people my age who are really excited about serving God.  Pros? Obviously.  The environment would be incredible, I'll make a little bit of money, and I'll learn how to not be at home before I'm not at home all the time.  Cons?  Being gone almost the entire summer before I leave for college.  It's a tough one, folks.  I think I know what I'll do, but for now, praying.  Thank goodness that I don't have to make big decisions on my own!

// Sadie Hawkins dance, in my khaki pants.  Being a high school girl comes with being forced to either ask a boy to a dance or go it alone, annually.  In our school, it comes in the form of Sadie Hawkins.  That's less than three weeks, and I'm still working on that decision between asking a boy to the dance or going it alone.  To be honest, both sound pretty fun, so there's no wrong answer, right? Tell my brain that, please, and do a better job of convincing it than I currently am. ( Also, if you'd like to provide Google with a few good ideas about how to ask someone to Sadie's, that'd be great.  Because I look for ideas on Google every year and I've yet to find any help on that front.)

// More huge life decisions, as in college.  More accurately, as in next year, because I'm not convinced that college is what I want to do.  I've heard that it's really hard to do school once you've been out for a while, but I'm willing to give it a try.  If anyone hears about any cool missions opportunities anywhere, hit me up - this one's still in progress. Preferrably Africa.

// How can I sleep more?  High school psychology wins the prize for second best salesman. (after Whitney, duh)  A few days of Power Point presentations was enough to convince me that I need to start getting more sleep right now.  Did you know that not sleeping makes you fat, ugly, and more likely to die young?  That even though your body can learn how to function on less sleep, most people need over eight hours every night to function at their best?  That when you get tired in the afternoon or when you're bored, that's because you're sleep deprived, not because of your big lunch or a lack of exciting things happening? I didn't, either, and now I am thoroughly convinced that I have got to start sleeping more.  Starting now. Bye.

// Food.  Because, when is it not?  Food like cheese waffles and white chocolate brownies and chocolate cheesecake Oreo cookies. (There might be a food post idea in that . . . there almost definitely is.  Because I have discovered amazing things and I want you to have them in your life.) Also, healthy foods to balance that out.  Like almond milk, which I don't like but am trying really hard to.  And almond butter, which is definitely a million times tastier.

// I have a secret that I can't tell you about so I'm just going to do this, which is such a jerk move. 
I will tell you that it's a project, and that it's coming to the blog eventually, and that it's really cool. 

I am glad we had that talk.  Like I said, I've missed you!

What's up with you lately? Any major life decisions made, delicious food eaten, or secrets to be really vague about?  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

But We Can Still Be Friends, Right? // Job Searching in GIFS

I will never, ever, EVER judge an unemployed person for as long as I live.

Ever.  And before you yell at me for being a terrible person for judging unemployed people, well, just know that I might actually agree with you.

 I'd hear those statistics about all of the unemployed people in our country and think "Well, why don't they just go get one!  Just go walk into some business establishment that has employees and demand a job!"  And then I smugly thought it was that easy, because, duh, almost every business establishment has employees and anyone can handle McDonald's.

Rest assured that I now realize that, no, there is not a perfectly-suited job for everyone who is willing and able to look for one.  Also, I'm not confident that McDonalds would be that easy, because you have to work quickly and be nice to the customers and you're probably not allowed to just stick your head under the McFlurry machine whenever. That's why I did not apply there.

You see, I've been trying to get a job, as in an entry-level, minimum wage paying job.  Apparently, it's a lot harder that you'd think. I know.

 I'm pretty sure that I've applied for every single position that falls under those qualifications within a ten-mile radius of my house, and I've yet to find myself somewhere to work.  I mean, if all of my prospective jobs had panned out, I'd  be simultaneously making sandwiches (at multiple locations of several different sandwich shops) and filing papers with my hands while answering a customer's questions over the phone, restocking shelves, ringing up a purchase at a cash register, and making a face on an ice cream cone with sprinkles.  The people that I've listed as references would be inundated with calls and emails to the point that they'd have to ask me to please, please stop listing them.  But they're not, and I'm not.  I'm actually just sitting at a computer, writing about it.  If only I had some kind of hobby that could turn into a job with enough time and effort . . .

Honestly, it's getting a little frustrating, but I guess I'm probably learning a life lesson or something.  Something along the lines of "getting a job is hard," or, better yet, "don't unnecessarily become unemployed." Also, "check to make sure that a store hires people under age eighteen before filling out an entire application and driving there to drop it off," and "make sure you save your online application before you shut down your computer." That's a good one.  That one's very important.

Recently, I got kind of desperate and called a family friend of ours who runs a Coldstone Creamery to ask how I was supposed to get hired. (Note to self: next time, ask advice from an older, wiser person long before desperation happens.)  According to her, I have to a) not be crazy and not have crazy parents b) come to work when I say I'm going to, and c) not steal their money.  Which should have been reassuring, because I feel like I meet those of those requirements as long as my mom doesn't ruin it for me.  Just kidding, Mom! Great, I just lost a reader.  But hearing that list also created a little, tiiiiny bit of self-doubt for me.  That's why I'm not getting a job, isn't it? I've been coming off as a crazy teenager who likes to steal money and skip work to spend time with her crazy parents.  How did this happen?  That's not what I was going for.  I've been trying really hard not to exude "crazy money stealer" or anything slightly related. 

I mean, I don't know.  It's possible. 

The bottom line is that I've learned a lot about being an adult these last couple weeks, most of which boils down to the fact that it's a lot harder than it looks.  So, good job, adults.  I'm more impressed with you now.  You all deserve presents.

I'll buy you all something nice once I get a job. Until then . . .

Let the job search continue!

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